ANSERS, acronym for ANalytical SERviceS, offers extensive knowledge in the fields of analytical chemistry, physical testing and polymer chemistry. Our focused range of analyses and our technical consultancy are based on long standing and well established relations with the plastics and polymer industries, which we have been able to develop through the application of our expertise. Formerly, we were part of Shell Global Solutions. This strong integration enabled us to construct the solid basis of our present variety of scientific skills and techniques.

Our value proposition is: offering the necessary expertise and know-how, coupled with the use of a broad array of laboratory equipment, to tackle any technical challenge we are presented with. Infrared spectroscopy, optical and electron microscopy, digital (3D imaging) microscopy, rheometry and thermal analysis are just a few of the analytical tools we have at our disposal. Whenever needed, we can make use of resources within our network of privileged business partners, including universities, research institutes and many others.

Customer satisfaction is our prime key performance indicator. That is precisely why our mission consists in providing tailor-made and robust answers to any questions and challenges that you, our customer, may have. With ANSERS, value for money solutions always lie at your fingertips.

Our core business is to help you, our customer, by finding the adequate answers to your technical problems.

Therefore, we provide chemical analyses and physical testing, as well as technical consultancy, mainly focused on polymers, by offering

  • a variety of skills and high standards of expertise thorough product knowledge and material insight
  • the eagerness for problem solving
  • flexible and short deadlines
  • competitive prices and value for money

Why Choose Us?

We strive for maximum customer satisfaction through:

Asking the right questions is what matters. When working with us, tell us not only what you want, but also why!

Working in close consultation is more than often crucial to find the right solution to your problem!

Improving our services is our major concern. If you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our work, tell us so that we can improve! If you are happy about our services, please tell others!